Ian Green was born a U.S. citizen in The Netherlands. As a child, Ian traveled all over the world, and his interest in photography started at a young age. Ian developed an eye for catching these changing sceneries on film. First on his mother's Nikon FM camera, and later on his own Minolta Dimage 7 hi digital camera with the Carl Zeiss lens. Several of the pictures taken with this camera are in the collection today. Today Ian once again relies on a Nikon camera for his work. In the last ten years, Ian has focused mostly on the New England region of the United States where he is based, but his travels have also included the American Southwest, the Caribbean, the Alps, and Eastern Europe. Future trips will include many other regions as well.

What makes Ian's photos unique is that there is absolutely no touch up on the prints you see. What you see is exactly what Ian saw when he took the pictures. There have been no enhancements in colors, sharpness, or other manipulations. His motto is:

"You See What I Saw".